About Us

At Till Roll King we are here to make purchasing your Till Rolls, Inks, Order Pads, Price Guns & Labels as simple as possible.

We've been in the business for over 24 years and have a wealth of experience and a friendly dynamic team on hand to help you with your needs.

All of our items are UK Sourced. Rolls are packed in boxes and all boxes are neatly packed in cardboard boxes for dispatch. We stock and send everything from our Warehouse in Bournemouth.

We are not 'Drop Shippers' so you can rest assured that your items will arrive promptly and well packaged to ensure that they do not become damaged on the way to you.

From a single pack of Ink Rollers to bulk orders of Till Rolls to multiple locations we specialize in making you purchasing life easy and straightforward.

Do you want to buy our Till Rolls on Amazon? Unfortunately (fortunately) you can't and any items listed on Amazon featuring "Till Roll King®" are not our products and are an example of how Amazon blatantly rips off Registered Trade Marks. Do yourselves and all small businesses a favour and boycott purchasing from Amazon before they put everyone out of business.

So give us a call or drop us an email if you need assistance or even just want a friendly chat.

We're a small but very efficient team:


Managing Director, Accounts, Advertising, IT, UK Sales, International Sales & Social Media

25 years experience in Paper Supplies, POS & Payment Processing


Office Manager, Accounts Assistant, HR & UK Sales

17 years in Retail, Buying & Paper Supplies


Sales & Customer Service Manager

15 years in Sales & Customer Service



Warehouse Manager